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SHE offers boutique consulting services in health economics. We provide our partners with advanced statistical analyses and economic modelling that guide key decision-making in healthcare. As an established consultancy firm of 15 years, we pride ourselves on producing high quality work to academic standards for widespread dissemination and publication.

Our senior members have a combined experience of over 50 years providing bespoke consultancy services tailored to our clients’ requirements. We never impose pre-defined templates on your project data, but design every statistical analysis and every economic model completely from scratch. We analyze data to maximize knowledge, generating the highest standard of materials from which the fullest HEOR potential can be leveraged for the client’s benefit.

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Sarah Dewilde, Home page profile picture

Sarah Dewilde

Senior Health Economist & Statistician

Alison Griffiths, Home page profile picture

Alison Griffiths

Senior Health Economist & Statistician

Nafthali Hananja Tollenaar, Home page profile picture

Nafthali H. Tollenaar

Research Assistant

Febe Brackx, Home page profile picture

Febe Brackx

Engineer & Biostatistician

Lucas Van de Veire, Home page profile picture

Lucas Van de Veire

Medical Writer & Communicator

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Our Latest Publications

The Burden Patients with Myasthenia Gravis Experience in Terms of Breathing, Fatigue, Sleep, Mental Health, Discomfort and Usual Activities in Comparison to the General Population.

Dewilde, S., Phillips, G., Paci, S., De Ruyck, F., Tollenaar, N.H., Janssen, M.F.

People Diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis have Lower health-related quality of life and Need More Medical and Caregiver Help in Comparison to the General Population: Analysis of Two Observational Studies.

Dewilde, S., Phillips, G., Paci, S., De Ruyck, F., Tollenaar, N. H., & Janssen, M. F.

Concordance between patient- and physician-reported Myasthenia Gravis Activities of Daily Living (MG-ADL) scores

Dewilde, S., Janssen, M. F., Tollenaar, N. H., Vanoli, F., Frangiamore, R., Phillips, G., Paci, S., Mantegazza, R., Meisel, A., & Stascheit, F.

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