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Founded by Sarah Dewilde, PhD, in 2008, SHE is a consultancy firm based in the heart of Brussels and operating internationally. Our team draws on several years of experience and expertise, with members active in a number of scientific and academic organizations, including ISPOR and EuroQol.  

We provide a variety of services in the field of health economics, from data collection to scientific writing, publication and everything in between. The consistent quality of our work has ensured  a growing base of partners that continue to rely on us for bespoke analysis and advice. Beyond providing the best possible service to our clients, we also hope to contribute valuable research to the greater scientific community. 

We Are Open For Opportunities!

Our team is ready to lend you their assistance in any way they can.  


Providing the Answers to your Questions

Through economic modelling, statistical analysis and strategic advice, SHE is able to assist you at any point in your project’s development process and allow you to make evidence-based decisions as you move forward. 


Taking client feedback onboard is of vital importance to us in guaranteeing that their every need is ultimately met.

Highly Dedicated

Delivering a qualitative product and ensuring our client’s satisfaction is always our number one priority on any task.


Meet the Experts

SHE combines expertise across several disciplines including health economics, statistics, engineering, medical writing, linguistics, and graphic design. We pursue excellence in all that we do, so that we may offer our clients the best possible services.  

Sarah Dewilde, Home page profile picture

Sarah Dewilde

Senior Health Economist & Statistician

Alison Griffiths, Home page profile picture

Alison Griffiths

Senior Health Economist & Statistician

Nafthali Hananja Tollenaar, Research assistant of our team

Nafthali H. Tollenaar

Research Assistant

Febe Brackx, Home page profile picture

Febe Brackx

Engineer & Biostatistician

Lucas Van de Veire, Home page profile picture

Lucas Van de Veire

Medical Writer & Communicator

Aaliyah Sylvana Lord, Home page profile picture

Aaliyah S. Lord

Graphic / Web Designer

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