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Support for Biotech Companies

Benefits to an Early Start

Pricing strategy

A more thoughtful and considered pricing strategy

Health-economic potential

Maximization of health-economic potential of Phase II / III clinical data

Efficacy – price relationship

A better understanding of the efficacy – price relationship for their new treatment and increased likelihood of being cost-effective

Influential cost-effectiveness parameters

Understanding influential cost-effectiveness parameters and identifying the need for additional data collection to support chosen parameter values

Saving time

Saving time by addressing data gaps early on and transitioning quickly from early to final CE model


More robust cost-effectiveness results

How can we help emerging, growth-scale biotech companies succeed?

| HEOR support

The growth-phase is the best time to optimize resources. Cost-effectiveness considerations do not have to wait until Phase III and are in fact integral from the early stages. Companies taking their first steps towards ground-breaking medical advancements stand to gain a lot from starting early on a review of their study protocols and an economic assessment of their new treatment. They will be all the more prepared when they eventually submit their economic analysis to the health-technology assessment authorities.

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Early Model

Our early models are user-friendly, with drop-down menus and buttons, as well as a range of user-defined inputs. The model allows our clients to explore sensitivity and scenario analyses using one-way analyses. 


We provide a number of services to support growth-stage biotech companies without an HEOR department including: 

SHE employees optimizing HEOR support for biotech companies


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