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Scientific Posters

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Succinct Scientific Posters

A well-constructed poster is the perfect way to present your research to your peers at scientific conferences. Employ the expertise of SHE’s writers and graphic experts to create visually striking and informative posters as per conference guidelines and good publication practices. The results are guaranteed to elevate your findings and generate discussion!


We value sharing insights with our industry peers. Over the years, we have produced many posters that were presented at highly regarded and well-attended HEOR conferences such as ISPOR, EAN, and ICNMD. The abundance of posters at such conferences requires that great attention be paid to both the content and layout of the posters.

We learned that creating a valuable scientific poster entails:

  • Commencing with a succinct, well-defined abstract, serving as the foundation for the poster’s content upon acceptance
  • Striking the right balance between plain text, bullet points, graphs, tables, infographics, and other visuals to effectively convey the intended message
  • Prioritizing audience relevance by collaborating closely with clients, presenters, and stakeholders in poster development


Example of a scientific poster created by SHE
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