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In today’s competitive business landscape, data-driven decision-making is paramount for companies aiming to stay ahead. Being able to navigate complex data sets and making informed financial decisions are crucial components of this process. Proficient analysis and modelling can significantly enhance a company’s efficiency, profitability, and strategic positioning in the market.

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Our senior health economists and statisticians can provide introductory or advanced courses on topics such as disease modelling, cost-effectiveness analysis, regression analysis, categorical data analysis, time-to-event analysis, study design, and the importance of including PROMs. We will tailor the content of the course to your needs and help you and your team get the most out of your data.


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Our Experts

Sarah Dewilde, PhD
Sarah boasts over 22 years of experience, with extensive knowledge on health economic modelling (in Excel and in R, Markov models, simulation models and discrete event simulations), statistical analysis (in SAS and in R), analysis of clinical data (including survival analysis, missing data analysis, longitudinal analysis), repeated-measurement HRQL data and resource-use data.
Febe Brackx, MSc
Febe is a highly skilled biomedical engineer and biostatistical researcher. She specializes in the analysis of clinical trial data and has extensive experience with teaching, having taught statistics in different faculties at the University of Leuven.

Other Services

Study Design
Employ our guidance in designing your study down to the finest details, including clinical endpoints, PROMs and resource utilization
Data Collection
Leverage our experience in RWE and RCT data collections to build a robust dataset that will provide you with the answers to your research questions
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